The Piston Power technical team is headed by Krish Andhee, who has extensive experience in lubricants. His position during his 28 years with a major oil company, included Automotive Product Specialist and Product Development Specialist. Mr. Andhee is a qualified analytical chemist and has experience in product development, formulation development, lubricant blending, evaluation of crudes, product recommendation, trouble shooting and general advice on lubrication related issues.

Piston Power products are blended at our ISO listed blending plant in Durban. Batch tests are conducted at our in-house laboratory. Piston Power also hires space in laboratories around the country to conduct ad-hoc product analyses. Batch certificates are available on request.
Piston Power can also assist clients in setting up a testing schedule for a predictive maintenance programme (POA). Piston Power will recommend a laboratory and set up the process.

Piston Power offers a trouble shooting service to clients to assist them in the diagnosis of lubricant related equipment failures and the prevention of their recurrence. Conclusions and recommendations are supplied in a written report and may include consultations with other experts in the field.

Piston Power offers specialised training for all its clients. Courses are designed for the various levels of technical staff involved in the operation, maintenance or management of industrial plant machinery, transport and other lubricant related disciplines.

Piston Power will always recommend and provide the client with products that meet their needs. Piston Power also has the capacity to develop and manufacture new products to the client’s specifications.

Piston Power offers stewardship on all its products. A material safety data sheet is available on request which indicates the risk associated with the substance and recommended safety procedures.

Piston Power guarantees that all products supplied meet the performance claimed on the specification sheets. Piston Power shall be liable for the cost of damage to machinery and equipment if it is proved that such damage resulted from the supply of defective products.