All Piston Power products are blended with internationally approved additives and virgin base oils. The products meet international standards such as API, SAE, ACEA and original engine manufacturers’ (OEM) specifications.

The product handbook is intended to serve as a guide to the product user for the selection of appropriate lubricants. The product recommendations are also in general terms and should not be construed as a recommendation to use a product that is in conflict with that preferred by a particular equipment manufacturer.

Piston Power guarantees that all products supplied meet the performance claimed on the relevant specification sheet. Piston Power shall be liable for the cost of damage to machinery if it is proved that such damage resulted from the supply of defective products


All quality incidents should be reported to the agent immediately.
The agent, in consultation with Piston Power Technical, will generate an incident report, arrange samples and dispatch it for analysis.
In the event of mechanical breakdown where a Piston Power product is suspected to be the cause, all damaged/ affected components and the suspected product shall be collected by the agent or the Piston Power Technical staff for analysis.
A mutually acceptable laboratory shall conduct all testing. Independent experts may be consulted.
Findings and recommendations shall be supplied by Piston Power in a written report.


The client shall provide the following to Piston Power Technical staff:

Product name
Product batch number
Where and how the product was stored
Sample of contaminated product
Sample of unused product
Customer address and other contact details
Immediate action required
Name and designation of employee responsible for use of suspected Piston Power product
Description of damaged equipment
Service history of equipment