Piston Power Super 2T is a high performance two stroke engine oil for lubrication of high performance, two-stroke engines, and is especially suited for air-cooled engines such as motorcycles and chainsaws.


Suitable for the following engines which are lubricated either by autolube systems or petrol/oil mixtures:

  • Air-cooled two-stroke chainsaw engines operating in harsh South African environment.
  • Air-cooled, two-stroke portable power equipment.
  • Air-cooled, two-stroke motorcycle, moped and scooter engines.
  • Suitable for lawnmower engines.

Note :   It can be used at a fuel-to-oil ratio of up to 50:1

Performance Features

  • Highly refined mineral oils and low ash dispersant/detergent additive provide superior piston cleanliness and protection against ring sticking by minimising deposit formation.
  • Minimises fouling of exhaust ports and keeps spark plugs and other engine components free from deposits.
  • The oil has been pre-diluted with a special solvent for easy dispersion when added to the fuel.

Performance Specifications

Piston Power Super 2T meets the following performance specification:

  • API TC
  • Global GC

Pack Size

  • 210L
  • 20L
  • 6 X 5L
  • 20 X 500 ml

Typical Characteristics

Fluidity/Miscibility Characteristic 2
Kinematic Viscosity

@ 40°C       cSt

100°C      cSt

(ASTM D445)




Pour Point          °C

(ASTM D97)

Flash Point         °C

(PMCC), (ASTM D93)

Sulphated Ash   % mass

(ASTM D874)

Density @ 15°C kg/l

(ASTM D1298)