Piston Power SHP 15W-40 is a  high performance diesel engine oil which meets the severe lubrication requirements of both European and US heavy duty, high speed turbo-charged diesel engines e.g. significantly extended oil drain intervals according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.


  • Current and recent model high-speed, four stroke diesel engines (turbocharged or naturally aspirated) in the road transport and construction industries and agricultural plant.
  • By meeting the API SL specification it is also suitable for use in naturally aspirated and turo-charged gasoline four stroke engines.

Performance Features

  • Extended engine life
    Advanced additive detergent, provides outstanding performance in countering soot accumulation, thus ensuring a high level of engine cleanliness and control of oil consumption.
  • Maximum power output
    Combination of detergent and dispersant additives maintains power output by providing excellent control over ring and ring groove deposits which can effect engine operation. Multigrade viscosity allows for maximum lubricity in all areas of the engine.
  • Trouble-free operation
    High oxidation stability, effective control over high temperature piston deposits, wear, corrosion, foaming and soot accumulation.
  • Extended oil drain intervals
    Piston Power SHP 15W-40 is especially suitable for low emission Euro 2/3 engines running under very severe conditions e.g. significantly extended oil intervals according to engine manufacturers recommendation).

Performance Specifications

PP SHP 15W-40 oil is recommended for use where the following specifications apply:

  • API CH-4/SL
  • ACEA E7-04
  • ACEA B3-98
  • MB 228.3
  • Jaso DH-1
  • MAN M 3275
  • MTU/ DCC Type 2
  • Volvo VDS-3
  • RVI RLD-99
  • Cummins CES 20076/77/78
  • MACK EOM Plus

Pack Size

  • 210L, 20L, 4x5L, 20x500ml

Typical Characteristics

Piston Power SHP Oil 15W-40
SAE Viscosity Grade 15W-40
Kinematic Viscosity

@          40C    cSt

100C    cSt

(ASTM D445)




Viscosity Index

(ASTM D2270))



TBN            mgKOH/g

(ASTM D2896)

Sulphated Ash    % mass

(ASTM D874)

Pour Point                  C

(ASTM D97)

Density @ 20C     kg/l                     C

(ASTM D4052)