Piston Power RDO oils are quality  rockdrill and pneumatic tool lubricants which is formulated from highly refined mineral oils, EP with corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants and other additives.


Piston Power RDO oils meet the lubrication requirements of :

  • All percussion type pneumatic tools operating under wet and dry conditions.
  • Rockdrills operating under harsh conditions.
  • Concrete and pavement breakers (jackhammers)
  • Tampers, Rammers, chipping and riveting hammers.
  • Centralised lubricators of large crawler mounted drill rigs.

Performance Features

  • Special EP and high film strength additive which withstand shock loads under boundary lubrication conditions.
  • Provide high level of corrosion protection even under the severe water wash conditions found in rockdrill applications.
  • Low pour point ensures that all tools remain free from oil deposits in areas cooled by rapid expansion of air.

Performance Specifications

Piston Power RDO oils meet the following specifications:

  • Din 51517 Part 3 type CLP oils

Pack Size

  • 20L
  • 210L

Typical Characteristics

ISO Viscosity Grade 100 150 220
Kinematic Viscosity

@         40C       cSt

100C       cSt

(ASTM D445)











Viscosity Index

(ASTM D2270)

105 100 97
Flash Point      C

(Pensky-Martens Closed Cup)

(ASTM D93)

240 252 256
Pour Point       C

(ASTM D97)

-30 -27 -24