Piston Power HTO are high viscosity index, paraffinic based, premium performance oil intended for use in both open and closed heat transfer systems with forced circulation.


  • Open systems operating at temperatures up to 200C.
  • Closed systems operating at bulk oil temperaturee up to 320C.

NOTE : The maximum film temperature on the heater surface should not exceed 340C for long trouble free service in closed systems.

Performance Features

  • Good oxidation and thermal stability over a wide temperature range minimises deposit formation and thus extends oil life.
  • Low viscosity and efficient heat transfer properties enable easy circulation and efficient transfer of heat.
  • Low temperature flow characteristics allow prompt circulation.
  • Low vapour pressure at elevated temperatures minimises evaporation, vapour lock and pump cavitation.

Pack Size

  • Flexitank (1000L)
  • 210L
  • 20L

Typical Characteristics

ISO Viscosity Grade 22 32 100
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40C cSt 20 32 100
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100C cSt 4.05 5.4 11.1
Viscosity Index 99 98 96
Pour Point C -12 -9 -3
Flash Point (PMCC) C 209 212 251
Density @ 20C kg/l 0.858 0.870 0.886