Piston Power Degreasing Fluid is a blend of highly refined, low odour, hydrocarbon fluids and emulsifying agents to provide a product with low odour and good solvent power.


  • Suitable for the removal of deposits of oil and grease together with solid materials such as sand from automotive and industrial equipment.
  • It may be used neat, applied by brush or airless pray or by mixing with water in high-pressure washing systems (concentration of 5 to10%). The surface may be hosed off after application.

Performance Features

  • Pleasant to work with because of low odour.
  • High solvency and emulsifying properties provide excellent cleaning power.

Note :

This product contains a flammable solvent and should be handled with care. Open flames or smoking should not be allowed where the product is being used.

Typical Characteristics

Appearance Clear green liquid
Flash Point (Abel) C 43
Emulsibility Emulsifies readily with any proportion of water
Density @ 20C kg/l 0.810