Piston Power Degreasing Fluid is a blend of highly refined, low odour, hydrocarbon fluids and emulsifying agents to provide a product with low odour and good solvent power.


  • Suitable for the removal of deposits of oil and grease together with solid materials such as sand from automotive and industrial equipment.
  • It may be used neat, applied by brush or airless pray or by mixing with water in high-pressure washing systems (concentration of 5 to10%). The surface may be hosed off after application.

Performance Features

  • Pleasant to work with because of low odour.
  • High solvency and emulsifying properties provide excellent cleaning power.

Note :

This product contains a flammable solvent and should be handled with care. Open flames or smoking should not be allowed where the product is being used.

Typical Characteristics

SAE Viscosity Grade   10W-40
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40C cSt 97
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100C cSt 14.4
Viscosity Index 154
Pour Point C -42
Flash Point (PMCC) C 224
TBN mgKOH/gm 10.0
Sulphated Ash % mass 0.96
Density @ 20C kg/l 0.856
Appearance Clear green liquid
Flash Point (Abel) C 43
Emulsibility Emulsifies readily with any proportion of water
Density @ 20C kg/l 0.810