Piston Power ATF-Syn 295 is a high quality, heavy duty, commercial vehicle Synthetic based automatic transmission fluid. Piston Power ATF-Syn 295 is designed to exceed the most demanding performance requirement of the very latest commercial vehicle extended drain service fill specification.


  • Heavy Duty Automatic transmissions
    Piston Power ATF-Syn 295 is suited to a wide variety of heavy duty, commercial vehicle automatic transmissions applications including those manufactured by Voith, Allison and ZF.

Performance Features

  • Excellent wear protection, shear stability and friction characteristics of the additive package and the Synthetic base fluid technology provides excellent oil performance.
  • Piston Power ATF-Syn 295 allows equipment operators to extend oil drain intervals without risk to life of transmission components.
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity protects transmission components from premature wear under extreme cold operating conditions.
  • Piston Power ATF-Syn 295 is designed for use in mixed fleet applications. It provides fleet operators the use of one product for most heavy-duty automatic transmissions and in all operating conditions.

Performance Specifications

Piston Power ATF-Syn 295 meet or exceed the performance requirements of the following commercial vehicle service fill specifications:

  • ZF TE-ML-14C and 16M
  • ZF TE-ML-02F, 03D, 04D and 17C
  • Voith 55.6336
  • Mercedes Benz 236.81
  • Allison TES-295
  • Allison TES-389
  • Allison C-4
  • MAN 339 Type Z-3
  • MAN 339 Type V-2

Typical Characteristics

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40C cSt 36.2
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100C cSt 7.48
Viscosity Index 180
Brookfield Viscosity @ -40C mPa.s 8 200
Pour Point C -48
Flash Point (PMCC) C 196
Colour Visual Red
Density @ 20C kg/l 0.851