Piston Power Grease MF (EP) is a multi-functional, lithium soap base grease containing extreme pressure additives, and rust and oxidation inhibitors.


Suitable for use in the following applications:

  • Automotive
  • Construction equipment
  • Earthmoving, quarrying and mining
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Industrial equipment

Grease MP (EP) can be used to lubricate the following components:

  • Wheel bearings
  • Water pumps
  • Motor bearings
  • Plain and rolling element bearings
  • Chassis grease points

Performance Features

  • Operating temperature range of -30C to +120C.
  • Lessens maintenance costs. Effective EP additive protects against component wears under high load conditions.
  • Reduces downtime. Excellent oxidation resistance ensures longer grease life.
  • Rationalisation of grease types. Multi-functional capability allows use in a wide range of automotive and industrial applications and eliminating product misapplication.
  • Good pumpability characteristics of the lithium thickener provide suitable flow characteristics for grease pump application systems.
  • Excellent resistance to water wash out. This ensures that bearings operating in wet conditions are protected against breakdown due to rust.

Pack Size

  • 15 kg
  • 50 kg
  • 180 kg

Typical Characteristics

Thickener Lithium
NLGI Consistency 00 2 3
Colour Light brown
Structure Smooth
Worked Penetration @ 25°C .1mm

(ASTM D217)

415 280 235
Dropping Point                     °C

(ASTM D2265)

170 180 190
Timken OK Load                   kg

(ASTM D2509)

25 25 25
Base Oil KV    mm2 /s       at 40°C

(ASTM D445)

200 200 200