Piston Power, established in 1998, is an independent manufacturer of a wide range of high quality lubricants with automotive, agricultural and industrial applications.  Piston Power enjoys Level 1 BEE status and has established itself in the market with many high profile companies, municipalities and provincial & government departments on its client database

Piston Power products are blended at our plant located at 316 Balfour Road in Jacobs, Durban, South Africa. The plant has the following modern facilities:

  • Blending capacity of about 20 tons per day
  • External heat exchangers
  • Mixing via pump circulation
  • Direct filling into vessels
  • Measurement by load cells.
  • Dedicated family group blending

All Piston Power products are blended with internationally approved additives and virgin base oils. The products meet international standards such as API, SAE, ACEA and also original engine manufacturers’ (OEM) specifications. Batch tests are conducted at our in-house laboratory to ensure consistently high quality of our entire product range.
The product recommendations are also of necessity in general terms and should not be construed as a recommendation to use a product that is in conflict with that preferred by a particular equipment manufacturer